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Beach Flower Girl Dresses - Beauty on the Beach

This summer, there will be more beauty on the beach than ever before. More couples are choosing to go with beautiful beach weddings and every summer wedding has a charming flower girl. This year's styles for flower girl dresses will definitely put more beauty on the beach.

Depending on individual preferences, beach weddings can be informal or formal occasions. Flower girls can dress in a casual cotton sundress or an elaborate organza gown. Except for paying attention to the length of dresses for walking in the sand, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing beach flower dresses.

Some brides prefer the flower girl dresses to match the ocean theme and they select blue, aqua, or turquoise shades. They might choose a white/blue embroidered cotton dress with taffeta waistband and bow or a turquoise chiffon dress. Other brides might prefer to have fun with 'coral' and select soft shades of pink.

A pink charmeuse with flower embroidered mesh and organza trim is a perfect summer dress. With taffeta that boasts a shimmery floral print throughout, finished with a bubble-cut style skirt, this pink dream is fit for every pink princess. Imagine an evening beach wedding, a pink sunset, a beautiful bride, and a lovely flower girl in pink charmeuse - a picture-perfect setting!

Of course, beach weddings do not have to be about pale pastels. 'Bold and beautiful' can be the theme of your beach wedding! Bold prints on sundresses or bright orange halter top gowns can add a beautiful splash of color. A fuchsia double ruffle georgette dress with sequin trim and removable flower is a fantastic choice for a summer dress.

Do not be afraid to introduce color with beach flower girl dresses. The outdoor environment is full of jewel colors and vibrant shades. Even an increasing number of Indian weddings are celebrated on the beach but the brides still wear the traditional red. If a bride wants to bring an intense shade into her wedding, a red halter top organza dress is a hot style and yet a cool choice for a girl's summer dress

This season's most popular styles include casual as well as more formal dresses. In fact, some fashions combine both styles in one dress. A pink metallic gingham poly-cotton sundress with a tie-back sash has just the right touch of elegance. This dress fits perfectly into a beach wedding.

A pink flower girl dress with taffeta shirred gathers and a sleeveless bodice is a cool but classy girl's summer dress. A white all over laced dress will provide a traditional touch at a modern beach wedding. All types of cool fabrics will show up at this summer's beach weddings.

Gorgeous georgette is a lovely, sheer, lightweight fabric that is creating a buzz this summer season. Soft charmeuse and lustrous chiffon are always favorites for summer flower girl dresses. Pink taffeta is looking hot for this season and organza gowns always overwhelm with their subtle elegance and outstanding style. Beach flower girl dresses - beauty on the beach!