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Beware of Coaches and Psychological Games!

Boy there sure are a lot of coaches these days, even more interesting is the fact that we barely see consultants any more. These days everyone is a coach, in previous years coaches were only for sports, today almost every sector and industry has an abundance of consultants with the word coach on their business cards, web-sites, and marketing paraphernalia.

The other day an acquaintance and I were discussing all this and they were talking about training for coaches. After all to be good at anything, you are going to need a coach yourself right? Well, then who coaches the coaches. More importantly, who coaches and coaches who coach the coaches, see that point, and for the person on the top of that proverbial pyramid, how on Earth did they learn to be an expert in coaching?

Chances are they didn't and most coaches do not have coaches themselves, nor have most coaches been at the top of their field as players, doing. This is a problem, but as they say in academia, especially in the business field; those who can't teach!

You see, personally, I've never really liked coaches or their motivational psychology games. Why you ask? Well, I've always been a top player in the game, and I've developed my own strategy, which actually works, and has been proven. Thus, I feel that I am 10 times as tough personally and psychologically driven as they are. If they were like me, they'd be winning too. All that psychological BS and nonsense, fakery pisses me off, and in my opinion, it's just not right.

So, I ask; who needs a coach to play with your mind? I challenge the coaches, quite frankly they can't compete with me, they don't have what it takes. And therefore I only have respect for winners, not the coaches, unless of course they are one and the same. If I do something I want to be the best, thus, I have to learn from the best. If I cannot find them, then I trust self.

Most folks reach expert status and then sit on their laurels and pedestals. Call me chain-saw Lance, those pedestals are coming down, I only respect winners, strength of character, integrity, and BS walks. So, if you are a coach heed these warning, be a winner first, master of your trade, get into the top 1% of your industry, and then, well, then you have my respect, and you don't need to toot your little coachy horn so loud. Please consider all this.