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Business - A "Just Do It" Attitude

The marketing campaign of "Just Do It" is one of the most successful campaigns on the planet. Nike took the campaign global during the Olympics in Beijing. "Just Do It" works because it truly shows the drive and dedication that it takes for athletes to over come all obstacles.

Now that is ATTITUDE.

Somewhere I got picked up idea, Attitude meant "At -It- U-Do". I have made it my motto. It works. The ideas and opinions I have, show in my behavior. It is how I do things. You see this all of the time. When one says, "he has a bad attitude" is because his behavior is shows it.

My sister recently went to an auto parts store to buy a battery. This particular store installs the batteries they sell. The two young men who sold her the battery would not put it in because it was close to the end of their shift. Bad attitude.

A man buying parts for his mobile automotive repair business, cheerfully offered to put the battery in. He installed the battery and was not going to charge her. Good attitude. She paid him anyway and got his 'll be using him again.

When you face a problem with a bad attitude, like...."this is so serious" "I hate this"... or you are busy blaming some one else, the problem stays a problem. It seems impossible to get through. But if you simply change your attitude to cheerfulness or to really being interested, the problem is easier to solve. You can see solutions and easily put them into action.

Now try this out for your self. Next time you have a bad attitude, change it. (I love this one for driving in heavy traffic.) See how fast you can bring your self up to a cheerful out look. This is a fun game. Play it often. Play it when business gets a little rough. Play it when an online business seems impossible. Make it your motto.

"The last of the human freedoms: to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." - Viktor Frankl