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Fit Your Feet Into UGG Boots

There was a time that everyone went crazy for these boots and you could spot UGG boots anywhere, you would see them on the streets and on the feet of every celebrity in any magazine. They would wear them with anything and by anything that means the boots would be worn with pants, shorts, skirts or even bikinis. Who wears boots on the beach? Why celebrities do. While more staid people can't picture themselves wearing boots in warm weather, that doesn't mean they haven't attempted.

So what's the craze about these admittedly ungainly boots? They're comfortable and despite their somewhat awkward looks, they work if worn right by people. So more about the UGG boots, they are made by an Australian brand and were popular among the surfer and skier crowd before entering the world of fashionistas. What made them so popular with the surfers and skiers were was they these boots could be worn in all types of weather conditions, which explains the celebrities wearing them with bikinis on the beach. The sheepskin fleece keeps the moisture out which is a great feature since these boots were made to be worn without socks. Another great thing about the sheepskin is that it adjusts to the wearer's body temperature regardless of how hot or cold the outside weather is.

The stitching on these boots give them great durability while the lightweight EVA soles give you great traction and helps prevent slipping around. Now, when worn properly and using the right size, they should mold to your feet; this is why you do not need to wear socks. So how do you get the right size? Well you may want to try them on at the store, or if buying online, just remember to order down a if you wear a half size. The UGG boots can't mold to your feet if they're too big and that sort of defeats the purpose of these shoes. These boots are not the prettiest out there, you have to admit. They're bulky and somehow awkward looking but they do the job of keeping your feet warm or just keeping them at the right temperature plus their looks do sort of grow on you as time goes buy. Loads of people have tried UGG lookalikes but only the real things do the job.