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How to Wear Argyle Sweater Vests

The simplest definition for the word "argyle" is something that is knit in order to make a pattern of colored diamond shapes. Therefore, argyle sweater vests are basically a type of woven clothing worn on the upper part of the body which consists of an arrangement of diamond shapes as its design. The use of the latter has been widespread with many men throughout the years and is still quite popular to this day. If you want to research first about this ageless trend before trying it out, then you've certainly come to the right place. Read along to find out the top three ways to wear a sweater vest with the very classy, very stylish and very versatile argyle pattern

First on this list is the casual look. If you want to exude a relaxed, laid back or nonchalant appearance, the best way to achieve this is by layering your sweater vest onto a basic t-shirt. However, you have to be careful in choosing the shirt you wear under your vest. This is because the garment is sleeveless. Therefore, whatever you wear underneath it will be visible to other people. Thus, it is not wise to use a tattered old tee as your undershirt. Instead, opt for newer, quality shirts that are solid in color so as not to clash with the prints of your sweater vest. Then for bottoms and shoes, the wisest choices are denims or khakis and loafers or canvas tennis shoes.

Next on the looks for discussion is the semi-formal or the smart-casual. To pull off an air of formality while still giving off a sense of casualness, argyle sweater vests should be worn over solid colored polo shirts. These should be then matched up with either a pair of khaki pants or a pair of casual dress pants. Never wear jeans with argyle when you have a polo shirt underneath it as this would confuse people as to what look you are trying to sport. As for footwear, loafers and canvas tennis shoes are still the smartest options.

Last on this list is the formal look. If you want to look more sophisticated and polish while you're dressed in argyle, then you'd want to team it up with a button up shirt. You can even include a coat and a tie in the mix to look even smarter. Just remember that all the other garments in your attire should be solid in color and that all of them should not have any designs or patterns. This is because this aspect has already been covered by your sweater vest and wearing something else that also has some prints on it will only clash with the former. Then to complete the look, go for a pair of dress pants and a pair of dress shoes or leather loafers.

Argyle sweater vests are great additions to any man's wardrobe. They are ageless and versatile so you can go from casual to formal by just changing some key pieces. So just keep these guidelines in mind and you'll surely be stylish whenever you take that garment out of your closet.